20 Years Ago, Cop Reached Out To Orphaned Girl. Now They Are Reunited In The Most Unexpected Way

When 14-year-old Sally Zheng lost her parents, the only bright spot in her life was a kind policeman, Officer Torres. They only met once but she remembered him as being a rock of support and kindness when she needed it the most.

Sally was placed into foster care and it certainly was a time of challenges and uncertainty but the thought of Officer Torres helped her through the difficult times.

As time passed, Sally never forgot this officer’s influence on her life. He had such an impact on her that all she wanted was to follow in his footsteps.

So, this was why, 20-years-later, she became a member of the NYPD. The fact that two decades had passed since she met Torres did not dampen her hopes that they would meet again.

Sally desperately wanted to find her hero, reach out to him and tell him she turned out okay. While in the police department, she wrote a letter to him in hopes that they might reunite.

When Officer Torres found the letter, he was thrilled and wanted their reunion to be a surprise.

So, one day, Sally thought she was going for another daily roll call when the police chief asked her to come in. He asked her if she knew Officer Torres.

She was so shocked and burst into tears when she was finally able to meet the man she spent 20 years searching for.

Watch the emotional moment below.