Alzheimer’s Patients Share The Memories They Never Want To Forget. I Can’t Hold Back My Tears!

An Alzheimer‘s diagnosis can be totally heartbreaking for the patient’s family, it is always so hard to lose someone you love in such terrible way. But what about those people who actually are going through this horrible illness?

Cut Video found women and men with Alzheimer’s disease and asked them about the memories they never want to forget. Alzheimer’s is a severe condition which causes the memories to disappear one by one, and this process is irreversible. The patients even don’t know what memories will be gone next day or next month. Sometimes, patients can forget what they did just several hours ago.

But every person has some moments that he or she never wants to let go of and in this video people with Alzheimer’s share them. They remind us that our life is so unpredictable! But even if we may forget our loved ones, they will never forget about us!

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