Castor oil for thick eyebrows and lashes

The only drawback of castor oil is its smell. Otherwise, it’s all-around beneficial: the oil substances improve cell metabolism, while stearic and linoleic acids prevent moisture from evaporating and protect small hairs from shedding, dryness, and the effects of heat and sun.

 You will need:
  • A used mascara tube
  • 3-5 ml castor oil

What to do:

  • Every other mascara contains silicone that melts in the heat. Wash the tube and the brush in hot water to rinse away the mascara residue.
  • Fill the tube with castor oil, and store it in a warm but not hot place.
  • Apply the mascara to your eyebrows and lashes before going to bed.
  • You’ll see the first results in a week, and in two weeks your eyelashes will become significantly longer.