Catherine Zeta-Jones Revealed What She Looks Like Without Makeup. She’s 47 And Looks Stunning!

Catherine Zeta-Jones just revealed how she looks without any makeup. And we have to admit, she doesn’t disappoint. The actress doesn’t look like being 47 years old, with a face free of wrinkles, marvelous cheeks, and dark hair. She’s stunning!

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The celebrity recently demonstrated that she’s still talented and beautiful in an ad campaign for QVC’s home collection. In the photographs, the mother of two shows off her beautiful black hair and natural beauty.

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Now that she’s launching the Zeta-Jones house for QVC’s buying network, the actress revealed that she relies on a combination of facial oils, exercise, and mental well-being to keep her youthful glow.

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Just traveling from New York and sitting in warm hotel rooms makes my skin feel very dry,” the actress confessed. “But I’ve been using argan oil to saturate my skin at night. That way, in the morning, I feel a little more hydrated. However, the real hydration comes from the inside. You can never have too much water. No diet sodas!”

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The actress also explained that she exercises at least once per day to stay in shape.

I really think it’s very healthy to sweat once per day. That’s why I often run on my treadmill or outside. Then I workout my body and arms with a little tap dance once in a while.

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As for plastic surgery, she insists she’s never gone under the knife, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t choose to in the future.

I’m not against plastic surgery. And despite what people think, I haven’t had any surgery… yet! But if I feel like getting some work done, I will! If getting surgery makes people feel good, who am I to say that it’s wrong? 

Well said, Catherine! We’re glad that you’re so honest about yourself and clear in your convictions. What do you think? Leave your comments and remember to share the article with your friends and family!

Source: Mirror