He Found The Perfect Way Of Showing His Love For His Mother… By Bashing A Rock

An almost universal truth is that we all love our mothers and we all have different ways of showing it. That of this man has fascinated many. What has he done for his mother? Bash a rock.

He strikes the rock with an ax and hammer to give it the initial shape.

And it doesn’t seem to be an easy task.

Then he uses progressively more gentle hits, preparing the rock for the most difficult part.

He swaps the ax for a chisel and his purpose starts becoming more clear.

He must also work on the finer details of the figure.

The most incredible thing is that the work took him just one day to complete.

It’s a tribute to his mom. A gift of love and dedication.

And the resemblance is amazing. If this gift doesn’t make his mother happy, nothing will.

Photos: SlipTalk