Here Are The Best Tips For You To Take Care Of Your Feet And Toenails!

Quite often we do not pay much of our attention to taking care of our feet but we should! Our poor feet get tired and suffer from uncomfortable footwear and this constant discomfort can lead to serious health problems.

Not to mention the fact that beautiful and groomed feet make us feel more confident.

Spending just 30 minutes on a proper DIY pedicure is one of the most transformative beauty treatments you can do,” says Margaret Dabbs, the expert of foot health. “Not only does a good pedicure make your feet look groomed, it’s an instant confidence booster.”

So here are the most useful tips for you to take care of your gentle feet and toenails:

1. Your feet should be dry

Wet feet are vulnerable to fungus and bacteria.

2. Toenails should be trimmed properly

The toenails should be trimmed in a straight manner. Try not to round the corners. And do not cut them too much, they shouldn’t be short.

3. Treat your feet with a warm bath

Use this recipe to prepare a bath or your feet. Dip them in the bath for 20 min twice a week and your feet skin will be soft and healthy.

4. Use moisturiser

Use creams with Vaseline or lanolin but remember not to apply it on the area between your toes, as it might cause fungus.

5. Massage your feet as often as possible

Massaging your feet will improve the whole body health. There are many ways to do that: you can buy a special massage device or use a tennis ball. Just choose one which is best for you!