Here Is An Emotional Moment When A 10-Year-Old Boy Sees Colors For The First Time Thanks To “Miracle” Glasses

Meet Xavier McCoury. This young boy has a monochromatic color deficiency, so he never knew what the colors of the things around him looked like. But everything changed when he got a unique present! The years of seeing only shades of white, black and gray finally came up to the end, when parents gave him his early birthday gift.

Xavier was so excited to open the mysterious box because he had no clue that it held the glasses he had been hoping for. As soon as the boy placed the special glasses, a real miracle happened. Xavier was so overwhelmed that the tears started to stream down from his eyes. It was the present of his life! Now the boy can vividly see how beautiful is the world around him and it is definitely an incredible experience! I am so glad that he had such opportunity.

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