How To Turn That Old Bathtub Into A Fabulous Pond For Your Backyard. It’s So Easy, You Can Do It Yourself

There are a lot of reasons why having a nice pond in the backyard can be appealing to you. You could use it as a fish pond and fill it with all kinds of things that can be found in a fish habitat. It can make for a nice way to connect with nature and give the fish a more comfortable home.

It could also serve as your hangout spot. Just imagine sitting by your pond on a warm day enjoying a glass of wine as the birds hum around you.

Whatever your reason for wanting one, now you can have it. And you can do it on your own. So, let’s help you repurpose that old bathtub you have lying around and turn it into a way to spice up a dull backyard.

What you will need

– Bathtub

– Rubber stopper

– Towels

– Shovel

– Water

– Submersible pump and filter

– Silicone

– Putty knife.

What you should do

Step 1: Choose an ideal spot for your bathtub pond. Try not to place it in direct sunlight as this will only encourage the growth of algae.

Step 2: Get your tub and clean it very well. Use towels to wash, rinse and dry.

Step 3: With your putty knife, seal the drain with silicone. Then use the rubber stopper to plug underneath the drain.

Step 4: Get an accurate measurement of your tub. This will be your guide when digging the hole. Make sure it is large enough to hold the tub completely.

Step 5: Fill the tub with water. Then install the submersible pump and filter.

If you intend to use it as a fish pond, this is the part where you add your fish. It is advisable to go for such native species as red minnows, fathead minnows or mosquito fish.

Source: eHow