It’s Hard To Believe, But This Woman Has Two Sets Of Twins, And Now She’s Just Given Birth To Twins Again!

Every family is unique in its own way, but some families can impress us with something out-of-the-ordinary.

For example, the Rogers can boast about having three sets of non-identical twins. All of them were naturally conceived, and this is rather an exception than a rule. Such things happen at odds of 500,000–1.

So, let’s start from the beginning. Colin and Karen had their first twins 16 years ago. Two years after that they had another set of twins and all of them were boys. Time passed, and Karen felt her life wasn’t complete, so they decided to have one more child.

The family didn’t even hope to have a girl, they knew it would be a boy. But it came as a total surprise for all of them they were expecting twins again.

Here is how Karen told Koin the news: “There I was, in the middle of this meeting,” says Colin, “when I got a text from Karen. I think I’d texted something like: ‘Is everything OK?’ And she texted back: ‘Yes, and it looks like it’s twins.’ I said something like ‘that’s not funny’, excused myself from the meeting and went outside to phone her. And she said it was really true, that the scan operator thought that, though it was early days, it was going to be two babies again.”

The family didn’t want to know the gender of their babies, so they decided to wait until they were born.

You can’t imagine their surprise when they saw something was missing, and their twins appeared to be girls.

“The obstetrician lifted Rowan out and held her up for us to see,” says Colin. “And I said: ‘There are some bits missing.’ And she said, ‘No, it’s a girl,’” says Colin. “I was absolutely stunned. Then two minutes later they held Isla up and I could see straight away she was another girl. Karen and I were in shock for at least the first 15 minutes. It’s a lot to take in after four boys.”

Reading such stories is amazing! They inspire and give hope to those who need it!