It’s Unbelievable, But These Rare Wolves Almost Live In The Ocean And Can Swim For Hours!

Our world is quite beautiful. Every being and plant that exists in this world is unique. And today, we would like to introduce you to a rare species of mammals — wolves that almost live in the ocean.

These astonishing animals, also called “seawolves”, live along the wild Pacific coast of British Columbia. These creatures are real marine animals. According to Ian McAllister — the photographer, who studied these wolves over two decades, — they swim from an island to another, hunt and eat fish, including salmon, that they love. 90% of their food comes directly from the ocean, and they practically don’t eat meat.

The seawolves differ genetically and morphologically in several ways from their relatives from the continent. They are smaller and physically different from their continental counterparts.

Furthermore, these incredible pescetarians are also excellent swimmers. They are able to swim more than 20 km from an archipelago to another. Quite surprising, isn’t it?

Source : boredpanda.com