Jim Carrey Reappears In Public After Two Years, And Makes Harrowing Statements!

In 2015, the king of comedy, Jim Carrey suffered a personal tragedy and decided to stay away from the focus of the cameras. His girlfriend, Cathriona White died and her family accused the actor of being responsible somehow. According to Cathriona’s mother, Jim gave her daughter a sexually transmitted disease.

After the tragic occurrence, the actor rarely left his home, living in complete isolation. During this whole time, media speculated about the end of his career. Jim finally reappeared in public on the program Jimmy Kimmel Live and made some sad statements.

When presenter, Jimmy Kimmel asked him about life, the actor’s response was that it was beautiful, “especially when I’m absent from it.” He then said that Jim Carrey was simply another character and that he was lucky to have got the part, but he doesn’t think of that person as himself anymore. Carrey says that he used to be a guy who experienced the world, but now he feels like the world and the universe experiencing a guy.

The actor caused a stir with a big, bushy beard. He also says he doesn’t understand why his beard has become such a big story, and that it even has its own Twitter account, as if it was a separate entity. As far as his career, Jim has several projects in front of him. He’s working on a new program based on a comedy from the 70s and we’ll be able to see him in two movies being released at the end of 2017.