Look Into The Eyes Of This Dog! People Thought He Didn’t Deserve To Be Adopted For A Shocking Reason!

Look at the eyes of this dog. His name is Picasso after the prominent Spanish artist. He’s loving and full of joy. He wants a human to make long walks, play a ball, lick his or her face and meet him or her with his tail wagging as quick as he can. As anyone on this planet Pablo, as people also all him, wants to be accepted and loved.

Unfortunately, these lovely eyes didn’t stop a dog breeder from putting Picasso and his brother in a shelter, where they were to be euthanized. He did it because he couldn’t sell them. And he couldn’t sell him, because of Picasso’s look:

This facial deformation was the reason Picasso gained his name — to underline his uniqueness and beauty. It doesn’t impede with the dog’s normal life. Pablo can breathe, eat and drink, though a bit messy. Animal rescuers took him from the shelter and raised awareness via social networking websites.

Recently Picasso underwent a dental surgery. It didn’t change Picasso’s look, but it helped him feel more comfortable. He’ll be soon available for adoption along with his brother. The rescuers are planning to give the two dogs to one owner as they have established a powerful bond.