Nicole Couldn’t Have A Baby Because Of Her Disease, Then Her Friends Came Up With An Unexpected Suggestion…

When Nicole Barattini was 16 years old, she was diagnosed with thrombotic thrombocytopenia purpora (TTP). TTP makes your immune system weak and people with this disease require treatment similar to those which are used for patients with cancer. Fortunately, Nicole won this fight for her life, but she couldn’t even imagine the consequences of her treatment.

Treatment made her unable to deliver a child. Actually, she can try, but doctors say the risks are incredibly high and there is a high possibility that mom and baby will not survive.

Nevertheless, Nicole and her husband Kevin didn’t give up. They wanted to have children, so they decided to look into adoption. But as it turned out the process of adoption was very expensive and the couple didn’t have enough money.

Then Nicole and Kevin chose a surrogate option, but in New York, it was illegal to pay for surrogate services. The couple understood they wouldn’t find anybody who could do it for free.

One night they had a dinner with Shawn and Lianna Fives. They were not friends, just acquaintances. When Nicole told about her desire to have a baby Liana suddenly decided to help.

Shawn and Lianna were already parents of five beautiful children. Liana became a surrogate mother and in 9 months she delivered two children. Nicole and Kevin could believe they would ever become parents and now they had two beautiful angels. New parents asked the Fives to become godparents to their twins. Now two couples are united more than friendly bounds, they have become a big family.