She’s A Mom, A Pro Surfer, And She Has Only One Arm… Nothing Seems Impossible To Her

There are people who love what they do but there are few who are truly passionate, who stop at nothing, making what they do more than a profession, but their life. Bethany Hamilton is a pro surfer who has faced many challenges but has never let them stop her from living life among the waves.

Bethany began to surf when she was a small girl, in the waves of Hawaii. By the age of 8, she already had her first gold medal for competition. But it all changed in 2003, at the age of 13, when she suffered a shark attack which left her with one arm. Despite that, she maintained her passion for the sea and kept surfing.

Bethany got better and better. Despite her condition, her quality as a surfer wasn’t diminished and she kept competing and winning. She became a huge inspiration to all those facing any adversity, to those who thought there was no hope left. Bethany showed them that there was.

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She wrote her own autobiography, her story made it to the silver screen, she began motivational speaking. But she never, ever stopped surfing. Not even when she was pregnant and doctors warned her that she could be putting her and her baby at risk.

Among the waves is where Bethany feels at peace, like she’s home. To make a living from surfing, and living to surf is a dream-come-true for her. She even introduced her little baby Tobias to the ocean at a very young age. It’s because of her huge love of the ocean that she is so strong.

Photos: Bethany Hamilton – Instagram