There’s not much more terrifying than driving down the highway and suddenly feeling something slithering as it crawls its way up your arm

For mom Julie Weber, this fear became a very real reality when she picked her car up from the mechanic and found a three-foot-long snake skin in the passenger’s seat.

Weber and her mechanic scoured the car for the stealthy snake, but they didn’t catch a glimmer of tail or toe of the terrifying critter.

Then Weber did what any courageous person would do. She rolled up her sleeves and started the trek home knowing full well that the demon could make an appearance at any second. And it did. At one point, while in motion, the snake slithered its way out of the heating and cooling vents.

After what we imagine was a stream of expletives, Weber calmly pulled the car over and searched for the snake who had since disappeared. Again, she put the car in motion and made it all the way home without a sign of the snake.

She searched once more the next morning and even got her son’s bus driver to help, at which point they found the bright orange, although harmless, snake and released him into the suburban wild.

On the bright side, with an excuse like ‘there’s a snake in my vent,’ she’ll never have to host a carpool again.

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