This Man Creates Music Which You Can Actually See. It Is A Pure Magic!

Music is something that brings people together. It also allows us to understand our inner emotions and reveal our personality. We can choose the music we like, according to our mood. It entertains us when we are alone, and makes our time with friends better. But unfortunately, some people can’t enjoy any of such things. They start feeling themselves distant and disconnected. But one man decided to change this situation, allowing deaf people to see the music.

Myles de Bastion is a deaf artist and musician. His story began in the early childhood, when he started to feel vibrations while his grandfather was playing the piano. It was the time when his fascination with all things musical began. But one day he understood that he is unable to stay connected with the music based on the hearing. But Myles de Bastion didn’t give up and started to explore the technology. Combining his interest in sound, visual arts and technology, Myles de Bastion created a system to share music with both Deaf and hearing audiences alike.

Myles de Bastion gave an opportunity to deaf people to see the music and understand it’s beauty. It is a pure miracle!