This Man Started His Life Selling Coconuts On The Beach And Today He Earns More Than 130,000 Each Summer!

Since we were kids we have learned that all professions are honorable and worthy — from the lawyer to the coconut seller on the beach. But despite what many people might think, sometimes the coconut seller makes more money than the lawyer, as is the case of José Costa dos Santos.

The 53-year-old man was born in the Brazilian state of Sergipe and began his life selling coconuts on the beaches of Santos, coast of the state of São Paulo. Six years later, he finally managed to open a kiosk and continued selling the same product, coconut!

He sells more than 100,000 coconuts a month during the high season and 30,000 in the low season. His earnings have not been revealed, but it is estimated that José earns more than R$ 400,000 (US$ 130,000) during the high season.

This man, who once walked on the beach under excruciating sun carrying coconuts to sell, today has four apartments and already paid for his two daughters’ college tuition. And yet some people do not believe that hard work pays off…