Woman Buys A Beautiful Chair On Amazon, But She Doesn’t Read The Product Description And Makes A Hilarious Mistake!

This young woman called Blaque recently made a truly hilarious mistake while shopping on Amazon. And all of us can do the same.

Blaque was shopping on Amazon for her business when she spotted a wonderful chair. The best thing was that it was advertised as an add-on item, so its price was only $4,29.

That is a great deal for a chair, isn’t it? So the woman added it to her cart without any hesitation. Several days later Blaque received her package delivery. Well, her gorgeous chair was in her apartment! While the package was a large box, she thought that it was too small to fit a chair. But the woman believed it was in pieces, and she needed to assemble it.

Blaque opened the package, but there was no chair inside. She said:“But there’s one small white box left and I’m trying to figure out what it is I ordered — I think we are all guilty of forgetting what we buy online.”

Here is her chair!

Blaque forgot to read the product description. The chair was only 6’’ tall. The woman found her mistake amusing and decided to share it on Twitter. People started to comment her post and add their own experience.

I am sure Blaque will never make this mistake again. Share this funny story with all your friends!